Research themes

Project-Team Presentation

Joint project-team with INRIA Nancy, LORIA (CNRS) and Université de Lorraine

The CARAMBA team has three main research themes, and two transversal topics:

  • The number field sieve algorithm and its siblings, for integer factorization and discrete logarithm in finite fields,
  • Algebraic curves for cryptography, in particular genus 2 curves and pairings,
  • Arithmetic in general, from integers to floating-point numbers, in software and hardware.
  • Structured polynomial systems arising in the context of the problems above.
  • Design and cryptanalysis of symmetric key cryptographic primitives.

The founding document of the project-team provides a longer description of our work.


The Caramba project-team and its predessor project-team called Caramel acknowledge the support of the following grants:

  • ANR CADO (2007-2010): Number field sieve: distribution, optimization.
  • ANR CHIC (2009-2012): Hyperelliptic Curves Isogenies, point Counting.
  • ANR CATREL (2013-2016): Sieve Algorithms: Theoretical Advances, and Effective Resolution of the Discrete Logarithm Problem.
  • ANR KLEPTOMANIAC (2022-2025): Key Length Estimates: Practical and Theoretical Optimizations and Modern Approaches on NFS Instances for Accurate Costs
  • PEPR Cybersécurité, CRYPTANALYSE project (2023-2028).

Scientific leader

Emmanuel Thomé [home page]
+33 3 54 95 86 59